Monday, September 22, 2008

Is once a month typical?

For me, apparently so. Guess I won't feel guilty about posting once a month, will just go with it.

We have been busy with Football season, both boys are in the band. M had to have stitches in his shin a few weeks ago (a band accident). S has a lead in the school play - Noises Off. It is pretty funny, can't wait to see it.

A few things I have knit lately: The socks were for me, the monkey for our Pastor's little boy (he turned one a few weeks ago), the two bags are Christmas presents.

Christmas knitting has begun in earnest. I have several things I want to make. Trying to get a head start so I am not stressed out about it later. I have also started the Christmas shopping. Would like to have everything bought before Thanksgiving. Hmm, is this too much to ask for? I hope not.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stitches Midwest

I was thrilled to attend my first Stitches Midwest. It was everything that I had hoped and more.

I attended two classes: The Long and Short of Alterations with Margaret Fisher and Nordic Color with Nancy Bush. Both classes were amazing. I learned more than I had hoped.

Below is the picture of my haul from this trip. The exciting thing is - all the yarn is for me, to be knitted into garments for me. I can't wait to get started on these.

Meeting all of the women I have chatted with on Ravelry was a highlight of the weekend as well. Both Friday and Saturday night I had dinner with fellow Ravelry friends.

Did I get any knitting done while I was there? UH, NO. But that is totally okay.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Knitting

Well to be honest - Summer finishing. The Toothpick Optional bag from She-knits for which is lovingly modeled by the dreaded monkey. I didn't think I would ever finish that one.

The Pomatomus Socks by Cookie A. Loved this pattern.

Now to get busy and knit my homework for Stitches Midwest.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Prayer Shawls

I get this urge occasionally to buy yarn and start knitting a shawl. It must be divine intervention because shortly after I start one, we get a call that someone we know has cancer. Last year, it was my MIL. This year, it is an Aunt on my husband's side of the family. I can't explain the need to knit these unless it is from God. I just feel blessed that in some small way I can help comfort someone. My MIL, recovered from her cancer, has told me that it really helped her - kept her warm, made her feel comfort and love. I hope that the new shawl does the same for D's aunt.
This shawl is for D's aunt. The pattern is the Blue Jean Lace Leaf Shawl, a free pattern on Ravelry.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer is getting away from me

It has been one of those summer's. Something going on everyday. Seems like life is just rushing by with no time to sit and relax. Maybe one day next week - but isn't that the way it always is. We think it will come next week. I think it is time for me to make a change. I know I will have to start small. So lets say that everyday for the rest of the summer, I will take 30 - 45 minutes to just sit and relax. Going to try it and let you know how it goes.

I have pictures to share of this summer. Hope you enjoy.

This deer was in the neighbor's back yard the other day. The deer around here are just not afraid of people. We find them all the time hanging out, and when they see you, even if you make a lot of noise, they just look at you and go back to whatever they were doing.

Check out the new hair cut. I was so shocked when I saw the short hair. But I love it.

M - first one on the left. Melvin Levett from the University of Cinn. jumping over them and dunking a ball during the Tashauyn Price Basketball camp.

A Blue Ribbon for me. I entered a shawl in the County Fair. I am so thrilled. This shawl is Melanie Gibbon's Swan Lake pattern. I call mine Wing of the Moth since it is brown. I love how warm this shawl is. Just beautiful to wear.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yarn Dyeing

I had the 127 knitters over yesterday to dye yarn. It was so much fun. I was thrilled Kim was there to help - she had dyed before. Thanks Kim.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam

My oldest turned 16 yesterday. Kind of surprising to me as I don't feel old enough to have a 16 year old. Since he was under the weather, I didn't get a picture of him but check out this picture from last weekend.

These are the socks for the Sock a Month challenge and for Knit for your Man in May on the She-Knits group on Ravelry. I knit them for Sam. He wants another pair now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

End of Year Madness

It is always the same, yet, I never seem to be prepared for the end of year activities at school. Each year I try to be organized, I try to be stress free - well, I will keep trying.

This weekend - S headed to prom, M - Confirmation, Perfect Attendance Concert for D's work. In-laws visiting, S's art show at school, M's band concert, and S's band banquet. Are you tired yet?

S and me at dinner

D and M at dinner

M - practicing for his Confirmation

S's Choir concert

I am getting some knitting done, and even went to a new Knitting Group Tuesday night at Panera. I had a wonderful time. Any FO's? No, too many projects on the needles so everything is progressing but not finished. Hopefully next week I will be able to show pics of FO's.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring, finally

It is finally spring here in Kentucky.
The lilacs are so fragrant, Tattoo and I enjoyed sitting outside today while I read.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Alpaca YAY

Today my friend and I visited Seldom Scene Farm in Frankfort for shearing day. We had such a great time. I will go back. We helped bag the fleeces, I held a little Crea as a shunt and stitches were removed from its neck. I helped with the micro chip implanting. These guys are just too cute and gentle. Thanks Lindy for allowing us to come help out!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A quick note

D has been in Japan for 3 weeks. He will be home on Wed. I am thrilled. 3 weeks is just a little too long for me. The stories he has told have been fantastic and I know he has had a great time.

I have accomplished very little knitting while he was gone, although I did get some scrapping done with my cousin A on Friday night. I had the best time.

The only knitting completed - A tricorn hat for M. He plays Alexander Hamilton today in a Mock Duel at school.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red Leather

Check out the beautiful new couch. I have been wanting this couch for ages. Looks so pretty in my living room. And the red matches my fireplace.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Fiber Arts Shop coming to KY

Love to see more places to get yummy great yarns. Head over to the blog to check it out and enter to win a contest (little survey).

Enchanted Yarn and Fiber -

Monday, March 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Nancy ( let's keep this game of blog tag going.Here are 7 random and/or weird (you be the judge) facts about me:
1. I won't sit with my back to a door or a window (superstitious, I know, just like my grandfather Boyd)
2. I am a horrible Procrastinator
3. I am a piler. I will pile up stacks of paper and put them places, drives everyone else bonkers, but I know what is in those piles.
4. Love to eat potato chips with bbq sauce.
5. I am left handed. I can't do anything with my right hand, well except knit. I know, this is weird, but anything else with my right hand is impossible.
6. I am fascinated by storms. Any kind of storm. Love to stand in a window or on my covered patio and watch the storms - would have loved to become a storm chaser.
7. One of my favorite things to do - sleep.

Here are those of you that I am tagging:

Kim (
Christy (
Debbie (
Carole (
Carol (
Loreli (

Sorry I had to do it this way, I can't for the life of me figure out how to link properly.


Friday, February 29, 2008

February's Socks - finally done

You know I have set this goal to knit a pair of socks a month, well it is Feb 29 at 10 pm and I am finally finishing the socks. Finally.

I like them, The Fawkes pattern in Tofutsies. I really like the yarn.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally finished - Swan Lake (Mystery Stole 3)

Finally, I put this away for awhile to knit for Christmas. When the SheKnits group on Ravelry decided to try lace in February, I pulled it back out. I am pleased with how it looks. Sure wish I had blocking wires, but I am blocking it as best as I can. Can't wait to wear it.

The ice storm that was predicted today is here. Schools dismissed 2 hours early and that really wasn't enough, the sleet started about an hour before the boys were home from school. Ice - so dangerous, yet so pretty.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. The sun is shining here, the snow is melting - just a beautiful day.

This is a layout of M and I. He is such a joy.

I want to especially say Happy Valentine's to my husband. He is in Canada on business and we can't spend the day together. Love you Dave!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Socks

Just finished knitting these for the Sock a month Kal. In the nick of time.

These are the Monkey Socks by Cookie A. using Araucania Ranco. Love this yarn.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Hat and 2008 Goals

Here is the Half Pipe Hat from the new Son of Stitch and Bitch book. M saw this and had to have it. This was a really quick knit. I had it done in one day. He was so excited about it. Of course, this led to DH asking me for a hat as well. He got a basic toboggan with ribbing and then stockinette stitch. Also done in one day. So I guess, this weekend was Hat knitting. LOL.

My goals for 2008:

1. Learn Entrelac
2. Scrap at least twice a week - I would love to get 5 pages done a week (so far so good, I have 5 done for this week.)
3. Finish my Katharine Hepburn Cardigan
4. Learn to knit socks toe up
5. Exercise at least 3 times a week
6. Cook healthier meals
7. Knit from my stash (I will allow for a small yarn purchase every 3 months)
8. Knit at least 8 pair of socks this year (one of these days, I won't own any store bought socks).

Hmm, these are pretty doable I think. Let's hope I can keep up with them. At least they are here for all the world to see, that should help keep me on track.