Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scrapbooking and knitting update

There has been very little scrapbooking or card making done this week. Much more knitting - I am trying to catch up on the MS3. Almost done with Clue 3.

I have been working on cards for stamp club on Wed night. The theme has me stumped - citrus colors are the theme. I finally found some lime green and orange which I thought might work so that is my starting point. HMM, now where to go with this. Hopefully tomorrow, I can take pictures of my card, and my MS3.

I have to go register my sophmore for HS in the morning, work at the LSS after that, then my youngest, my dad and nephew and I are going to the Cinn. Bengals training camp for a few hours. Should get some good pictures of that as well. I know M is very excited about going. He has asked all summer for this. I wish S could be with me when I register him for school but, for some reason, registration at school is always when the kids are at band camp. You have 200 children who can't be there for registration and they still do it. And, the make up day is while they are still away. Geez. Oh well. I guess this way, there are fewer complaints about the schedules.

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