Monday, September 22, 2008

Is once a month typical?

For me, apparently so. Guess I won't feel guilty about posting once a month, will just go with it.

We have been busy with Football season, both boys are in the band. M had to have stitches in his shin a few weeks ago (a band accident). S has a lead in the school play - Noises Off. It is pretty funny, can't wait to see it.

A few things I have knit lately: The socks were for me, the monkey for our Pastor's little boy (he turned one a few weeks ago), the two bags are Christmas presents.

Christmas knitting has begun in earnest. I have several things I want to make. Trying to get a head start so I am not stressed out about it later. I have also started the Christmas shopping. Would like to have everything bought before Thanksgiving. Hmm, is this too much to ask for? I hope not.

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Accents 2 Scrapbooking said...

Love the socks Anita!
Look nice and warf for our long winter months ahead!