Friday, August 31, 2007

Textured Turtle Challenge

From my sister in law's etsy site:
The challenge is to create something using a kit and post a photo of it either on a blog, Flickr, or other on-line source. With your permission I would also like to showcase your entry on my blog.

These are my original Fiber Art kits at a 50% discount. When you order a kit you will receive a hand painted piece of cloth which has been distressed and stitched to a base of batting or felt, along with an assortment of coordinated fibers, mesh, lace, tyvek, and perhaps a surprise item or two; you may add things from your personal stash as needed.

There are 10 challenge kits available that have been numbered 1 to 10 and will be shipped in that order. Please note: each kit is numbered so you may not receive your favorite color which will make the challenge even more interesting.I find that experimenting with a small kit often opens the door to new and exciting techniques, thus the premise for my Fiber Experimentation Kits.

I’ve designed the Fiber Experimentation Kits in a way that allows your creativity to take over. "By treating a kit as if it were a puzzle my job is to play with the pieces until the puzzle falls into place." Anonymous.

After the due date of Nov.1, 2007 a name will be randomly chosen (from those who have sent me a photo of their project) to win a mosaic shawl pin or button in the color of your choice (similar to pic).

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